Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Know About Brand Implementation

Posted By : Bhadresh Bundela

Brand Naming
Naming is a competitive sport. It’s your first shot at being different. Don’t pick a name that makes you one of the trees in the forest and then spend the rest of your marketing budget trying to stand out. Companies find that naming is a hard thing to do well because there are often too many people around the table. Because the discussion seems so subjective, it tends to revolve around comments like “I like it” or “I don't like it.” Typically, everyone on the committee has veto power. This tends to sweep the most interesting names off the table. If there are a dozen people in the room and you all have to agree on a flavor of ice cream, it's going to be vanilla, not Cherry Garcia. Our job: prevent this from happening.

Product Naming
Products should have cool names. Sometimes we have more freedom when we are naming a company because we are starting from scratch. If you have a hierarchical situation, you’ve got to make it work with what you already have. But generally you still have a lot of leeway to come up with a product name that has some electricity and emotional appeal.

Brand Strategy
Once you’ve got a business strategy, and you’ve figured out the lay of the land, what you’re really selling, and who you’re after, then you are equipped to begin the journey. If you have a really good grasp of who you are and what makes you different, the going will be much easier. If your brand reflects the fact that you truly see the world differently, you will be a tough act to follow. Once you find the heartbeat of the company, make sure it is everywhere in the brand. Some clients have a hard time planning the strategy. Some can plan but can’t execute. Others can execute, but they can’t stick to the plan because they are easily distracted.

Brand Analysis
imagine a band of wild creative people operating without adult supervision. But things are not always what they seem. As it turns out, we are very structured thinkers. We believe in nailing the fundamentals. We believe in doing things in the right order. Our job is to supply the structure, discipline and guidance to help you do it right the first time. But our most important job is to help you figure out how to think about the problem. We have a set of deceptively simple questions that we ask at the beginning of every project. Questions like, What’s your point of view about the world? What territory do you want to own? What business are you really in? They are the kind of questions that most companies skip over because they are in a hurry to get to the “important stuff.” Guess what? This is the important stuff.

Creative Direction
There are a lot of talented illustrators and photographers and filmmakers out there. But how do you find the right ones? How do you turn them on? How do you make sure you get them to do great work? About all we can say is that it’s not much different from working with a good teacher. We learn from them, they learn from us, and the outcome is always a little unpredictable. Our operating philosophy is that we never know where the best ideas are going to come from, so we have to be open to everything. And then we have to channel all of that talent and all of those ideas into something that actually works.

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